VIDEO “O.Y.M.A.T.T.F.S” (One Yoga Mat And Three Towels For Squirting)






How did it start?

I am the Spanish Portrait Painter, the novelist, the designer, the aromatherapy lover, lover as well, whom in April 2016 was invited to give a lecturer in the I Congress on Creativity and Mental Health to be hosted in Seville, Spain, in October the same year. I was also asked to take part in an exhibition they were hosting for the occasion with something ”arty”.

 So I said to myself.. What the heck I am going to say to this students of Fine Arts and Psiquiatry? How can I explain I was diagnosed Bipolar when I had my baby 30 years ago and that label it has always been with me but I have hardly ever been in a Psiquiatric Unit? And how I explain that I live a great life and appreciate it? I tend to look at the basic when I get mixed up. So I went to my room, lied in bed and started touching my vagina and my breasts, outer lips, inner lips, nipples getting harder… the G spot started getting inflamated with ejaculation fluid and I pushed it out of my body at least eight times. Then I look out the window, the sky looked at me, I looked at myself in the mirror and he asked me all these:

1-Who is the most fascinating creature you know? 

-Me, I said.

 2-How did the history of psychiatry  start?    

-With Freud.

-And how did Freud start?  

-With sex!


4-Are people whom are “spiritually smart” (and this is a terminology I just made up) more capable to deal better with life’s hard situations than people that are not spiritually smart?

 -Yes, they are!  

5-How do you achieve the knowledge of a parallel reality that is intangible if you don’t feel you are an spiritual person?

– Let me tell you the easiest way: Through the ecstasy of lovemaking.

And I say “lovemaking” because when you are in the middle of one of the nicest practice of this wonderful Universe you release Oxytocin, a hormone known as the love hormone. I explained in the Congress that one of the reasons that has kept me out of Psychiatric Hospital is the way my vagina is connected to my brain.  I cannot even believe it myself! The fountain of happiness is between my own two legs. When you are raising your sexual energy you are increasing your spiritual power and this makes you quite strong emotionally, mentally and physically.  So after kissing myself in the mirror for a while we finally decided we had to make a video about female ejaculation. That video should also refer to the way I feel Yoga Practise is taking the role of Lovemaking. In yoga practice you find people who come to classes have dis-equilibriums in their lives, and yoga helps them to find a better way to live however they want to live. Some others come to strengthen their bodies. Lately I think, and this is a perception of mine, many people are embracing yoga as a way to reach the kind of ecstasy and relaxation and psychological balance that they cannot find in sex, either because they don’t practice it or they just don’t know how to practice it.  Quoting Russel Brand, the actor comedian “I spend more time meditating  and doing yoga than I do having sex. That’s only because I do a hell of a lot of yoga-and they’re still neck-and-neck. It’s like ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, with YOGA versus SEX.

There is a Yoga Practice that I have much respect for and it is of course Tantric Yoga. It is now getting more popular and it is to do with techniques and not with philosophy. It is based on the science of the body and its energy centers. It should to be treated as science, a science with no limits.

 To resemble this I created a yoga mat with a specific design made with hands and kind of holes, some of them real vaginas and some of then, I don’t know why, very small peneses. Also I used the design to produce three towels that would catch the ejaculation fluid. I concived this design in Gold, as a Celebration. Gold is sacred in most religions so I think it was the right choice.

Same image but in different colours were used to produce a video in which I explained the technique for “Squirting” (yes, let’s find a better nicer word for this) and Paul Chesterton, a friend of mine who loves making films, recorded my lovemaking practise with myself.

The outcome of my intervention in the Congress was good. The president of the Congress said that I opened a door that in 30 years of practise he never thought he would see open! Or something like that…   My gift to the first congress on Creativity and Mental Health was to encourage those responsible for mental health to find ways where Tantric Yoga, the ancient technique can really change not only the common concept of sexuality but to help us people to become mentally and emotionally strong.

 The video was presented for competition at the 2017 Portobello Film Festival in London and has been accepted and it will be shown in September. Paul and I want to make a 118 minutes film about the wonders of this practice and another ones so please DONATE to help this movie change the life of so many sad people in the world. Once you donate let us know if you wish to see the video and a link will be sent to you.