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Mira como viven los retratos en las casas:

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The method I use for my portraits is to have a single photographic portrait sitting, thus avoiding the time commitment of endless sittings. This single sitting usuallly lasts from a couple of hours up to half a day and during that time I get to know the sitter, make some color notes and get a huge body of photographs. The process where we choose the final image is a team effort, involving myself, the sitter and the parent (or whoever is commisioning the portrait), and we only stop when we have an image which we are all happy to use for the portrait.

Once this is done, that is all that is involved for the sitter until the portrait is finished when I email a photograph for approval.

Sittings normally take place at my studio in Gladstone Park as I have good natural light and all the equipment I need to hand. I am happy to travel but this does incur extra cost.

As a rule, I am not able to do portraits from photographs taken by others as it is vital that I meet the sitter, establish a rapport with them (which is essential if a good likeneness is to be achieved) and to ensure I have the high quality image in which to work from. Therefore I never paint people who have passed away.

When painting children the photograhic sitting is generally a very relaxed process which the children seem to enjoy themselves. Although there is no ideal age to have your child painted, the very youngest I usually consider painting is four years old. Until then, their faces have not really developed enough. Ideally, I would advise waiting until your child is at least six. But age has its own beauty about it. It is never too late!

Missing teeth has absolutely no impact on my portrais. It is not a problem as I don’t “do” teeth. In fact if you look at good portrait paintings you will find that artists or sitters are not interested on portraits with open mouths. Of course there are examples that break the rule such as the famous portrait of Inocencio X by Francis Bacon. But I am not Francis Bacon and you are not the Pope! It is only in Pop Art where you find portraits with open mouths. I am not Warhol and you are not Marilyn Monroe, you might be more hansome. Having said this, I would paint teeth if the sitters have a face physio estructure that makes them have their mouth open.

I paint any size portrait from head and shoulders, through full leghth. I always paint bigger than life-size.

I don’t enjoy painting family portraits. I consider every sitter needs to have its own background color.

As for animals, in Spain clients don’t normally ask painters to portrait their pets but I would be happy to give this challenging subject a try!

If you are considering commissioning a portrait or would like more information please contact me.

Supporter of Real Action. Registered charity number 1072633

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